Chilling.Visions.5.Senses.Of.Fear.(2013) parsisiusti atsisiusti filma nemokamai
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Metai: 2013
Žanras: Horror
Kalba: Anglų
Trukmė: 1 h 27 min
Kokybė: DVDRip
Režisierius: Eric England, Nick Everhart
Vaidina: Nicholas Tucci, Symba, Caleb Barwick
  • 9-06-2019, 01:15
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Filmo siužetas:

Our five senses receive the anthology treatment in “Chilling Visions: 5 Senses of Fear,” a tongue-in-cheek, all-grotesque collection of short films from Chiller Films and Scream Factory. In “Smell,” directed by Nick Everhart, a down-on-his-luck office worker (Corey Scott Rutledge) sees a startling reversal of luck after receiving a mysterious bottle of cologne from a door-to-door saleslady (Hilary Greer). Using this “scent to die for,” however, comes with steep consequences. In “See,” directed by Miko Hughes, an optometrist (Ted Yudain) who steals the memories of his patients through their eyes becomes too involved for comfort in the life of an abused wife (Debra Jans). In “Touch,” directed by Emily Hagins, a cunning blind boy (Caleb Barwick) sets off through the woods to get help when his parents are hurt in a car accident and wanders into the clutches of a serial killer. In “Taste,” directed by Eric England, a young guy (Doug Roland) arrives at a slick corporation for what he assumes is a job interview, only to discover that headhunter Lacey Sharp (Symba Smith) is a real “man-eater.” And, in “Listen,” directed by Jesse Holland and Andy Mitton, a group of graduate students are tasked with piecing together in chronological order an infamous song called “Listen, My Children” that kills anyone who listens to it in its entirety.

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